LovingPurrTw Cattery is our prefix registered with TICA in March 2010 and is located in Taiwan.

We only breed British shorthairs in both lilac and blue.

All our British shorthairs are PKD tested and also bloodgroup tested for breeding purpose.

Now LovingPurrTw has a closed studboy and two breeding queens. They came from Scotland in 2009.

Our aim is to produce British shorthairs with the priority of good health and nice temperament rather than quantity.

Therefore, the quantity of our kittens would be limited and so ordering in advance is adopted.

Hope you would have the information you need in our relative posts.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Just email to: lovingpurrtw@gmail.com

Thank you for your coming and hope you would have a nice stay here.


Eartha from LovingPurrTw

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